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Property development and investments today can be noticed in every state, city, or town across India. In today’s world of globalization, modernization and industrialization where the world has been brought under one roof, living in isolation is something which can hardly be imagined. The stock market of the world, financial disputes, economic turmoil, inflation, political changes at one part of the world are bound to impact the growth and development of any other regions. The property rates and the real estate market across the world are not an exception to this. The property rates of personal investments and investments for commercial purposes or land all somehow in one way or the other gets affected by the international socio economic sphere. 

Individuals or groups who all are engaged in real estate development are called "developers." Developers have a specific role to play. These people purchase land and either creates or renovates the property, involves their resources and capitals. Basically for the developers this is a very important business since this business in particular involves lot of money.

For the private developers, all sorts of real estate development are basically a long-term, entrepreneurial undertaking for profit maximization. Generally the real estate development is being made prosperous by the mixing of one's labor with the land in order to achieve a distinct goal like any other businesses. In complex contemporary modern society, however, real estate business of any sort basically requires thorough knowledge of financing, legal restraints, as well business and present and future market forecasting, and a detailed administrative structure and project supervision.

According to Mark, the executive manager of residential of Cbus Property, statistics such as low residential rental vacancy, low interest rates and limited new supply should be contributing to a bubbling along New South Wales market.  He believes that many of the indicators are positive and that now is a good time to buy.

In today’s complex society like any other business real estate businessmen and developers as well face problems and hurdles from all corners of society. The pressure of political parties and leaders are always there. The developers and real estate men always in most of the cases have to abide to the wishes of the local political bodies. Black marketing and mafia influences are too much. According to many reports a lot of international mafia rackets and illegal businesses from all over the world try to influence the real estate business and developers since this is an easy way for them to invest their black money.

Extortion, murders and other crimes have now become a common part of the real estate business. Many developers and real estate businessmen are kidnapped, extorted or even murdered. Many are compelled to venture and invest in projects which the local goons or the local political bodies expects them to do. 

But overall the scenario is not so alarming yet. Government intervention, police cooperation and taking help of the legal resources available can bring change in the contemporary situations both for the developers and the buyers.


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