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Historically, Patiala is one of the major cities of India. The city was ruled by a huge number of rulers for long period of time. The Jat ruler Maharaja Narendra Singh, ruled the city very successfully and established ramparts and ten gates around the city which are an evidence of the successful administration of the city. Maharaja Karam Singh ruled the city from 1813 – 1845, and established reign in the city. But the king was also disrespected for joining the British camp against the Imperial Sikh Empire of Punjab, during the first Anglo Sikh war. The Chandelas, Kushanas ruled the city for quite a long period of time. During Mughal reign the city was successfully ruled by the rulers. With the colonial powers emerging in the forefront the city reached to newer heights. Since 1947, the city gained its Independence and has been incorporated as a popular city in the state of Punjab.

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