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Ranchi, is one of the most popular cities located in the state of Jharkhand, India.Ranchi was for a long time, part of the Lohardaga district of British India. Since 1899, a part of the curved out district was named as Ranchi. It is popularly believed that Ranchi was basically a name of bird which was visible from the top of a mountain peak. The region for was ruled by a group of Kshatriya rulers for a long period of time. The region was in control of the famous ruler Jarasandha, accorading to the famous epic of Mahabharata. Later on Lord Krishna is believed to have control over the city which he lost due to some significant reasons. The Magadha Empire is believed to have taken control of the city for a short period of time. It is popularly believed by many historians that Kalinga rulers while on their way to Rajgir and Pataliputra, completely ravaged the city. It is also said that SAMUGRAGUPT and is army crossed the region while going on an expedition. The Phanimukut rulers who were very famous and founded the Nag dynasty which had direct control over the city and its people. The Nag dynasty rulers ruled the city for quite a long period of time. The city went under the Mughal rule and then passes down to the British Empire but faced many revolts and uprisings against the British in huge number.

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