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Essel World, Mumbai

Mumbai is a humongous city with tall buildings, and the mountains and the sea. In the city, there are enough activities to keep the people of all ages busy. One such place is called Essel World, where people starting from the children to the elders can have fun together. So let us have a look at this place.

A sprawling complex on the coastal Gorai village in northwest Mumbai, “The Island of Fun” is sprawled over 64 acres and is a refreshing gateway to a whole new world of excitement and fun.

Essel world was started by Subhash Chandra of the Essel Group in 1986. The Water Kingdom section was added in 1998.

Essel World

Essel World – India’s Largest Amusement Park has over the years successfully pulled people out of the staid environment of conventional pleasure trips and unfolded before them the exciting new scenario of a complete leisure destination.

Essel World is an amusement park with over 40 rides. Some of the famous rides here are as follows.

Aqua Dive:
This is the only wet ride in the Park that offers a ride that gets you completely wet and quenching for more.

Aqua Dive
Crazy Cups:  The Crazy cups are large cups designed to go round and round resulting in some good head spin.

Crazy Cups

Hedge Maze: This is a puzzle made up of network of green plants, from which one has to find a way out.

Hedge Maze

Highway cars: This is a motorized riding car moving on an elevated track that lets you marvel at the green surroundings of the park at a leisure pace.

Highway cars

Monster: The ride looks like a green monster surrounding you that keeps on spiralling in the centre with lifting and tilting you high in the air.

Slam Bob: This ride moves centrifugally up and down giving us an illusion that one has been thrown out of a high-speed moving car in the air.

Slam Bob

Tilt A Whirl: This ride rotates along its centre axis and simultaneously keeps revolving looking as if it is tilting and twisting at the same time.

Hoola Loop: This is a 340-meter long roller coaster ride with a speed of 100 KMPH that does a 360-degree loop and a steep drop of 25 feet.

Hoola Loop

Rainbow: One gets to see the panoramic bird’s eye view of the whole park in this ride.

Dodgem Cars:
This gives you the opportunity to experience of driving cars in the traffic jam and bumping on other cars with safe escape.

Telecombat: With a 180-degree vertical ride lift, rotating high in the air at 30 feet height, this ride gives you the experience of travelling in a jet plane.

Enterprise: This is supposedly called the scariest ride at Essel World and the most popular too. A unique mixture of dizzy heights, crazy movements and scary speed, this one is only for the daredevils as all this happens at the height of 90-degree rotations.


Other Facilities at the Park would be as follows.

Ice-skating Rink: This was Mumbai first ice skating ring, with temperature at a constant 4 degree Celsius, and some 3,400 sq. ft of ice to glide and skate over.

Ice-skating Rink
INS Prabal, The Killer: One of the most feared ship by enemies has been converted into a life science museum to share the unforgettable contribution made by the Indian Navy.

Riki’s Rocking Alley:
It has 6-lane bowling alley, which makes it a major attraction.

Cricket Zone: This zone gives a chance for all the cricket lovers to practice against the bowling machine and score fours and sixes.
Virtual World: This is a Video pub with variety of video games from car racing to wrestling. It has it all.
Dance Floor: The place plays popular fusion tracks, retro music that will get you up to rock the dance floor.

Dance Floor

The Park also has five mascots namely Mithu (The magician and wise Parrot), Mayoor (The rich and aristocratic Peacock), Andy (The Whiz kid), Mimi (The pretty Dear) and Riki (The affectionate and loving 2 ton Rhino). Moreover, people keep bumping into them and having so much fun. They are cheerful and so helpful.

Apart from all this, the Park also has some fantastic restaurants to eat at namely Sothern Treat for southern food, Taipan for Chinese delicacies, Dominos for Pizzas, oh Mumbai for typical Mumbai food, Happy Singh da Dhaba for some Punjabi food, Petu’s for some veg food.

The Island is divided into 2 parts; where as the Essel World Amusement Park is adjoined to Water Kingdom – Asia’s Largest Theme Water Park. Water Kingdom makes this twin park complex a complete destination by itself. You can visit both the places on a single day (though I find it pretty hard to do and prefer doing one in a day only) It is never-before seen attractions set amidst unique architecture with international standard amenities and hygiene; catapult Water Kingdom into a different league. It is the only, truly international water park experience in India.

Special ferries get you across to the park and the entrance fee normally takes care of a fixed no. of rides. The park is from 11 am to 7 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 7 pm on weekends.

Essel World is a world in its entirety, it is meant for people who are socially active, gregarious, more outgoing and open to newer forms of entertainment.  Essel World and Water Kingdom offers an opportunity to mix adventure with pleasure with 64 acres of fresh air, 30,000 specimens in botanical garden, 79 racy rides and zippy slides, No wonder these twin amusement parks attracts up to 1.8 million visitors each year. I only wish it had facilities to stay at the Park itself (Like the Disney Parks), so one could stay at the Park, enjoy all the rides, and stay there for a few days too. Well, one cannot have everything all the time, can they?

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