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In 1494 Ahmad Nizam Shah developed Ahmednagaron the site of a more ancient city, Bhingar. With that, he startedtheNizamShahi dynasty. It was one of the Deccan sultanates, which lasted until its conquest by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1636. In 1759, the Peshwa of the Marathas obtained possession of the place from Nizam of Hyderabad. There were many battles fought over the fort of Ahmednagar, and it changed hands many times. Numerous Mughal-era buildings dot the environs. Ahmednagar Fort is considered the second most unimpregnable fort in India. During the Indian freedom struggle, a lot of Congress leaders, including Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru were imprisoned in this fort. During this confinement, Nehru wrote the famous book The Discovery of India. The fort has now been converted to a museum.

Ahmednagar District is known as the spiritual center of India. Manygreat souls like Dyaneshwar, Sai baba, SantTukaram, Meher baba and many more have risen and spread words of enlightment and peace, which resonates across the region and through the culture of this area. In more recent times, social activist Anna Hazare has made Ralegan Siddhi his home - a village showcasing  environmental conservation.


Mughal architecture has had a profound influence on the structures in and around Ahmednagar. It is an important religious place for the Muslim Community. The place is littered with old forts and palaces.

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